Deb Petrille, Clairvoyant

Know Yourself. Develop Your Gifts.

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I believe that everyone has a capacity for clairvoyance. It’s the ability to see beyond our own physical eyes. We create millions of images each day, but most people don’t know how to read and interpret these images.

As a seasoned clairvoyant, I have refined my ability to interpret images in a way that’s useful to clients. People come to me with questions about everything from the nature of reality to struggles in business and relationships, and I am able tap into visual stories beyond their conscious awareness that, when revealed, resonate as true.

These truths help murky situations get clearer, and help important pieces of my clients’ lives click into place.

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Is It For You?

My clients are open-minded and willing to play. They take responsibility for their own lives, and meet what comes up in-session with their own wisdom. Some have previous intuitive experience and are looking for a mentor, and others are brand new to this stuff. I’ve successfully helped CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries, life coaches, college students, parents, career-changers, couples, and many more…


It’s hard to know what working with an intuitive/clairvoyant is like unless you’ve experienced it. I'd be honored to offer you an introductory 15-minute session. Come with a single question and let’s see what images appear.


“During my first session with Deb I felt so well seen and understood; everything she shared truly resonated with me.  She helped me gain perspective and clarity on topics that I had questions about, and helped me discern what actions to take for the next steps in my life.  Deb’s conversational, fun, and loving approach to the reading made it easy to relax and receive the insights she shared. I am truly inspired by her gifts!” - Caitlin Capistran, Doctor of Physical Therapy

“Deb is amazing. I call her whenever I’m at a crossroads and feel confused or troubled, but don’t know exactly why. In a 30-minute clairvoyant session she can reveal the hidden dimensions of whatever I’m struggling with, and I end up being really clear and ready to take action. Also, did I mention she’s really fun? The stuff she sees makes me laugh. I now have a personal relationship with the Greek god Apollo! And while it’s quite strange, it’s also real. Hard to explain, so give her a call.” – Peter Rubin, Business Midwife

Deb is an amazingly kind, generous soul. I had a session with her during a particularly confusing and funky transition where I was having a difficult time trusting my intuition and figuring out where it was leading me and what - if I even needed to know! - was on the other side of the confusion. As someone who has been reading Tarot for over a decade and who has a reputation for being intuitive as well, it was very painful for me to not be able to tune in for myself. But Deb was able to break through the white noise I was contending with in my own head and not only affirm what threads I was grasping at on my own, but several I didn't see. The clarity, specificity, and kindness with which she worked help me break through my fog and make a number of decisions in the ensuing weeks that have me feeling stronger and more focused. I deeply appreciate her time + skill, and I'd recommend working with her to any one of my friends, loved ones, or clients. Thank you, Deb. XOXO." - Alexis P. Morgan, The Church of St. Felicia



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“How can I meet woman / man?”

“When will a new relationship partner come into my life?”

“How do I deal with the one I’ve got?”

“How do I make it through this divorce?”

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“I want to get connected to my angels / spiritual guides / extrasensory gifts…”

“I want to learn more about magical tools…”

“I want to have lighter, brighter awareness and consciousness…”

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“How does my business look right now? Is it stagnant? How can I make it grow?”

“What should I do about this business partnership I’m struggling with?”

“Where you do you see me going with my business?”



We begin sessions with you sharing your intentions for your session.

I will set up a safe and sacred space by calling in you, at the level of your higher self, your guides, angelic team and other beings of love and light.

Then I will invite you to pull your attention deep into your core. I may ask you questions and/or see answers come as images and stories that I will share with you. Some of them will be interactive and involve you playing with me!

I don’t predict the future. When I see something, it’s how it is in the present moment, it can change immediately and sometimes it does. Nothing is done to you. All of the “work” is by invitation and carried out at the level of your higher self.

In the end, what you’ll have is clarity about the issue(s) you brought to our session and a deeper rootedness in yourself so you’re less affected by all the forces around you.


Fees are $111 for a 60-minute session. $55 for a 30-minute session. $33 for a 15-minute session. All sessions are over the phone or recorded on Zoom.

Why Work With Me?

My clients experience:

  • Deeper knowledge about themselves

  • Clarity about their path and the issues they came to address

  • A feeling of lightness, like a load has been lifted

Unlike other modalities like therapy (which are wonderful, to be sure), clairvoyant readings are:

  • Quick – It’s a really quick process of getting answers. It feels like some else is giving you answers, but in the end they’re your answers

  • Fun – You’ll meet angels and spirit guides, see colorful images and stories, and while it all seems magical, it also feels true.

  • Easy – You lay back and your heavy problems turn into magical puzzle pieces that are easier to move.



It’s hard to know what working with an intuitive/clairvoyant is like unless you’ve experienced it. I'd be honored to offer you an introductory 15-minute session. Come with a single question and let’s see what images appear.



Deb Petrille is a trained clairvoyant and ordained minister with over 20 years experience helping clients know themselves more deeply and develop their gifts.

It Wasn’t Easy Being a Super-Psychic Kid

When I was a kid, I knew the phone was going to ring before it did, and who was on the other line. My parents thought this was fun, and we played with my extra-sensory perception. We read books on crop circles, the pyramids, and stonehenge, which so clearly could not have built by humans alone.

As I grew up, having these gifts wasn’t socially acceptable, so I shut them down. I became a bookworm and had few friends.

As a Young Adult, I Started Recognizing My Gifts

In my 20s, they gradually started to wake up again. I would enter football pools and win 60-70% of the time. I would walk into restaurants and think “no way we’re eating here!” when I felt the negative energy in the kitchen. Yet, I still didn’t understand that my abilities were unique. I’d think “Oh, everybody knows these sorts of things…”

My gifts fully awakened in my early 30s when I went back to get a finance degree at a Jesuit college. I had to take theology, but luckily I could choose non-traditional courses like Transformations of Myth Through Time with Joseph Campbell and the Theology of Women.

One day, in Theology of Women, our teacher created a labyrinth of masking tape on the floor and instructed – “You’re going to walk through this labyrinth, let go of something, find a little gift in the middle, and walk back out again.” I put one foot into the labyrinth and I was transported to another place. I was so happy, it was amazing! I was dancing, then in the first turn things got dark and dreary and I started to cry. It was wild and totally trippy until I got to the center. Then I walked out of the labyrinth calm and peaceful, like a nun, having had this experience that was not explainable. This is the moment I stepped back onto my spiritual path, and my whole life changed.

These Gifts Changed My Life In Miraculous Ways

I started to know more about who I was and what I wanted instead of doing things for everybody else. From the fog I was in, I became more aware and less co-dependent.

At the time I was very sick with bad digestive problems. After 10 years of pain and struggling, going to doctors, taking tests, and taking drugs, I realized I didn’t want to do it that way anymore. I turned to alternative medicine, and this led me to my intuitive practice.

My first clairvoyant meditation class in 1994 was life-changing for me. Doing rose readings and learning grounding and presence practices calmed me down. As I did more and more work, my tools got clearer and I got calmer, more centered, and less fearful. Twenty-plus years later, my calm and centered presence is what my clients feel the most.

I Began Deeply Exploring My Passion

For the next 15 years, I absorbed everything I could in this psychic realm – wicca magic, hands-off philippine psychic surgery, working with ascended masters, self-healing, multi-dimensional travel, past-life readings, and ultimately a teacher’s program so I could teach these tools.

Recently I’ve been teaching in-person and online classes about developing your intuitive gifts, as well as and offering 1:1 intuitive/clairvoyant sessions. I love that I’ve developed this gift, and that in using this gift I help bring clarity to people’s lives.

I also have a corporate job, and what I love is that in contrast to my previous 20-year corporate career, I don’t feel limited by that job. It gives me freedom and resources.

I See the Possibility of Everyone Having Access to Their Gifts

In the end, my most meaningful accomplishment is being a mother to a 23-year-old who knows it’s okay to be fully yourself. My child came into the world with so much wisdom, and I was there to make sure that nobody tried to close those gifts down.

I see that everyone has the ability to be connected to their own spark of wisdom, their gifts, and their power.

Thank you for reading my story. If you felt a resonance with me, let’s connect.



It’s hard to know what working with an intuitive/clairvoyant is like unless you’ve experienced it.  I'd be honored to offer you an introductory 15-minute session. Come with a single question and let’s see what images appear.